August 31, 2020

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Search And Rescue

This course explores search and rescue techniques in K12 schools. Learn the terminology, how to crib, how to extricate individuals and how to save lives.


Appropriate Use of Technology in Schools

This course will explore the proper way to think about and utilize technology in your Agency.


Diversity Training

In this course we will explore Diversity, Culture and Inclusion. The benefits and how to implement diversity in your organization.

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Mastering De-Escalation Techniques

In this course you will learn the various types of de-escalation along with techniques to use when confrontations escalate. You will also learn what to do if situations turn violent.


HIPAA and Student Privacy

Learn about HIPAA and Student Privacy in schools


Supervisors Workshop – OSHA, DOT and Employee Evaluations

This course is the Supervisors Workshop presented to Tuolumne JPA. It covers DOT Reasonable Suspicion Evaluations, OSHA's Top 10 Programs and Employee Evaluations

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Preventing Tik Tok Challenges

Tik Tok Challenges have taken schools by storm. Learn how to prevent these destructive challenges on your campus.

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Sex Trafficking In Schools

Sex Trafficking affects 200,000 students a year. With many social issues affecting the United States right now, we are seeing an increase in sex trafficking in local schools. Learn how to prevent student sex trafficking.

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Mandated Reporter

This course covers the California requirements to report child abuse and child neglect as outlined by CANRA and the Mandated Reporter requirements. It covers investigations, reporting, types of abuse and neglect, liability and failures to report.

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