July 19, 2023

Active Shooters


Active Shooter Training for Parents

Empower yourself with critical knowledge to protect your children in an active shooter situation through this online course. Learn how to recognize warning signs, create a safety plan, and respond effectively in high-stress situations. Equip yourself with life-saving skills and gain peace of mind as a vigilant parent. Join now for peace of mind.


Active Shooters for Educators

Equip educators with vital skills to safeguard students in an active shooter scenario with this online course. Learn effective lockdown procedures, communication strategies, and crisis management techniques. Enhance your ability to respond calmly and protect lives during emergencies. Enroll now to create safer learning environments and become a prepared educator.


SB906 Homicidal Threat Assessment for Schools

This course covers the new requirements under SB906 Homicidal Threat Assessments for Schools.