Inappropriate Behavior in the Workplace

Welcome to our comprehensive course on tackling inappropriate behavior in the workplace, brought to you by Wilmes, LLC. I’m Steven C. Wilmes, CEO of the company, and I’ll be your guide throughout this crucial journey. In today’s fast-paced business environment, maintaining a respectful and compliant workplace is paramount. This course is specifically designed for professionals Read more about Inappropriate Behavior in the Workplace[…]

De-Escalation for Workplace Violence

In today’s dynamic work environment, understanding how to de-escalate potentially volatile situations is an essential skill. This course is tailored for professionals in risk management and security, emphasizing the critical need for de-escalation techniques to ensure a safe workplace. Our energetic and engaging sessions will cover a spectrum of topics, from recognizing early signs of Read more about De-Escalation for Workplace Violence[…]

Post Cyber Breach Requirements

Welcome to our comprehensive training on the post-cyber breach requirements tailored specifically for public agencies. In this course, titled “Post Cyber Breach Requirements” we delve into the critical steps and procedures that public agencies must follow after a cybersecurity breach. Join our expert speaker, Steven C. Wilmes, CEO of Wilmes, LLC, a seasoned professional in Read more about Post Cyber Breach Requirements[…]