Active Shooters for Educators

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This course is intended to provide safety and health training in compliance with Federal OSHA and State OSHA, FEMA, and FBI training requirements as they relate to Emergency Prep and dealing with Active Shooters. If you have questions, you may ask our instructors and they will respond to you within a short period of time as outlined by the OSHA standards.  While we will be focusing in on the Run, Hide, Fight protocol, this training goes well beyond the basics and explains how to best increase your chances of survival in an Active Shooter Event.

The training will cover all of the required elements outlined in Federal and State OSHA standards to ensure that your training meets or exceed the minimum required training. If your training has a time-requirement, the content of the training has been designed to meet that requirement.

The training is developed by our in-house, real trainers with twenty years of experience, working in the field and with actual crews and is trusted by public agencies throughout California.

There are no prerequisites required for this course. The course will walk you through all of the elements required to be successful and complete any questions or quizzes or testing that may be required.

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