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Welcome to our comprehensive training on the post-cyber breach requirements tailored specifically for public agencies. In this course, titled “Post Cyber Breach Requirements” we delve into the critical steps and procedures that public agencies must follow after a cybersecurity breach.

Join our expert speaker, Steven C. Wilmes, CEO of Wilmes, LLC, a seasoned professional in risk management and loss control for public agencies. In this informative course, you will gain valuable insights into managing the aftermath of a breach, ensuring a swift and effective response.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  1. Understanding Post-Breach Requirements: Navigate through the essential post-breach requirements that public agencies need to adhere to. Steven will guide you through the specific steps and information crucial for compliance.
  2. Timelines and Reporting Protocols: Learn about the timelines involved in the aftermath of a breach. Discover when to report immediately and when it’s necessary to gather more information before initiating the reporting process.
  3. California’s Stringent Notification Requirements: Since we are based in Torrance, California, we’ll focus on the state’s rigorous notification requirements, considered among the strictest in the nation. Mastering these requirements will equip you to handle similar regulations in other jurisdictions.
  4. Simplified Process with In-Depth Coverage: While the process may seem complex, Steven breaks it down into manageable steps. Gain a thorough understanding of the entire post-cyber breach scenario, ensuring you are well-prepared for any challenges that may arise.

Whether you’ve experienced a breach or want to proactively prepare for one, this course provides practical knowledge that is applicable across various scenarios. Steven C. Wilmes, with his extensive experience, will empower you with the necessary skills to navigate the aftermath of a cyber breach effectively.

Enroll now and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to safeguard public agencies in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Remember, being prepared is the first step towards prevention.

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