July 17, 2023

Registration Success

Thanks for your order at Dollar Training Club.
Our risk experts are rehearsing their lines while they get their makeup and hair done.  You know they love to look and sound their best in your video.  Joan and Susan, our two most nurturing employees, are cleaning up the set, laying out roses, and showering our experts with ego-boosting compliments.
Our cameraman is polishing the lens and Lawrence, our cable guy, is smoothing out every HDMI cable.
And Jason, our sound engineer, is performing a soundcheck as if Micheal Jackson were going to make a comeback speech.
Our team of internet specialists worked with NASA and the NSA to ensure that clear communications are open to your computer, so you have the best streaming experience ever.
I hope you had a wonderful time selecting a course at DollarTrainingClub.com  We certainly did.  Your picture will be on our holiday card as our favorite customer of the year.
Thank you once again.  Now, get to work on your course!
Steve Wilmes