November 6, 2020

Top 10 Courses

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Top 10 Courses

New Release

Bloodborne Pathogens for 2024

Stay ahead in 2024 with our Bloodborne Pathogens course! Explore the latest protocols and safeguards against infectious diseases. Gain essential knowledge to protect yourself and others in healthcare, emergency services, and beyond. Join us to safeguard against unseen threats and ensure a safer environment for all.


Rigging Signaler Certification – Fully Online

In this course, we provide training on rigging, signaling, and signal communications in crane and hoist operations, which is designed to meet certification requirements under OSHA guidelines. Our course provides essential knowledge and skills for safe and efficient crane and hoist operations, crucial for workers in various industries.


SB553 Workplace Violence Prevention

This course isn't just about meeting legal requirements; it's about ensuring a safe and harmonious work environment. Taught by seasoned experts with two decades of real-world experience in risk management and loss control for public agencies, our training goes beyond the basics.


Active Shooters for Educators

Equip educators with vital skills to safeguard students in an active shooter scenario with this online course. Learn effective lockdown procedures, communication strategies, and crisis management techniques. Enhance your ability to respond calmly and protect lives during emergencies. Enroll now to create safer learning environments and become a prepared educator.


SB906 Homicidal Threat Assessment for Schools

This course covers the new requirements under SB906 Homicidal Threat Assessments for Schools.

Top 10

Playgrounds – How to supervise a playground

This course shows you how to supervise students on a playground. Learn how to look at a playground strategically. Understand the different pieces of equipment and supervision issues.

Top 10

Chainsaw Safety

This course covers OSHA's regulations on chainsaws as they relate to Tree Service Workers.

Top 10

Machine Guarding

Guards are found on all types of machinery. Understanding how to use guards and when you can remove them is vital to your safety.

Top 10

IIPP – Injury Illness Prevention Plan

As a new employee you need to understand the single most important safety program for your agency. The Injury Illness Prevention Program - The IIPP. Covering California's Title 8, Section 3203 and other State plans.

Top 10

Confined Spaces

This course covers OSHA regulations regarding non-permit and permit confined spaces, rescues, and more. Title 8, 5157

Top 10

Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication covers OSHA and Cal/OSHA regulations regarding the communication of chemical hazards.

Top 10

Heat Illness

This training covers CalOSHA Title 8, Section 3395 Heat Illness Standard and can be utilized for both refresher or initial training.