Engineering Human Behavior



We are going to dive deep into the human brain here.  You should be reading all about this stuff in other books. Make sure to review our recommended reading list and dig in.

We are all human and since we are all human we all have very simliar thoughts, desires and needs.  These can be used to match up or better put, to bond with people.  Pyschics and physcologist will use these to help lead people in their discussions. As you can tell the statements are basic and general, but again, we all have these simliar experiences.  The key is to use these to open up the conversations.  Never use more than 2 in a conversation.  These are great for email because you can get the primed to connect with you.

Be positive when using these.


If your like me, you want to be recoginzed for the hard work you do…..


If your like me, we feel terrible when we make a mistake and tend to relive it over and over.  That’s why I want to take this opprotunity to get this right….


If you are anything like me, you worry about doing your best work while under all the stress of a one person shop.  We can help relive…


If you are anything like me, sometimes you feel like you don’t know as much as you should.   I get it.  That’s why it’s important to get educated on ……


If your like me, you might take a little joy when you were right and got to show that jerk in the office who was smarter.  Now we can be smarter together….


If your anything like me, you can feel all alone in the work you do…  That’s why we put togehter [Campfire] so you have likeminded people to share these experiences with…


I can tell that you take great pride in your work…. as do I.  I thought we would make a great team…..

The way you spoke about [topic] I could tell you reallly know your stuff.  We would love to have someone like you in Campfire….

It’s clear that you have the ability to implement great programs … to get the job done…. to make decisions….

There’s something about you.. I bet you have the ability to ….

You truly have the natural ability to ….. understand what we have to deal with…. to get the job done…

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