March 11, 2024


AB1825 Sexual Harassment for California Employees – 1 hour

This course meets California's sexual harassment training requirements and is specifically designed Californi employees. With interactive skits and great videos this is one of the best courses online.

AB1825 Sexual Harassment for California Supervisors – 2 Hour Course

This course meets California's sexual harassment training requirements and is specifically designed California supervisors. With interactive skits and great videos this is one of the best courses online.

AB1825 Sexual Harassment for California Supervisors – 2 Hour Course for Educational Agencies

This course meets California's sexual harassment training requirements and is specifically designed for educational agency supervisors. With interactive skits and great videos this is one of the best courses online.

Access To Medical Records

This course covers employees' rights to access their medical records for all safety and health programs.

Accident Investigation

This course covers OSHA accident investigations, how to take reports, interview witnesses and much more. Covers CalOSHA Title 8, 3203

Active Shooter Training for Parents

Empower yourself with critical knowledge to protect your children in an active shooter situation through this online course. Learn how to recognize warning signs, create a safety plan, and respond effectively in high-stress situations. Equip yourself with life-saving skills and gain peace of mind as a vigilant parent. Join now for peace of mind.

Active Shooters for Educators

Equip educators with vital skills to safeguard students in an active shooter scenario with this online course. Learn effective lockdown procedures, communication strategies, and crisis management techniques. Enhance your ability to respond calmly and protect lives during emergencies. Enroll now to create safer learning environments and become a prepared educator.

Aerial Lift Certification

This course covers Title 8, Article 24 - aerial lift devices and satisfies the in-class portion of the requirements.

Appropriate Use of Technology in Schools

This course will explore the proper way to think about and utilize technology in your Agency.

Asbestos Awareness

This course covers various state, local and OSHA and CalOSHA regulations regarding asbestos for those individuals who have minor duties involving asbestos. Satisfies the 2-hour asbestos awareness requirements.

Bloodborne Pathogens

This course covers OSHA regulations including Title 8, 5193 and how to work with blood and other potentially infectious materials.

Bloodborne Pathogens for 2024

Stay ahead in 2024 with our Bloodborne Pathogens course! Explore the latest protocols and safeguards against infectious diseases. Gain essential knowledge to protect yourself and others in healthcare, emergency services, and beyond. Join us to safeguard against unseen threats and ensure a safer environment for all.

Bloodborne Pathogens for Tattoo Artists

"Bloodborne Pathogens for Tattoo Artists" is an essential online course designed specifically for tattoo artists and professionals working in or around tattoo parlors and shops. This comprehensive course delves into the critical importance of understanding and mitigating the risks associated with exposure to bloodborne pathogens (BBP).

Chainsaw Safety

This course covers OSHA's regulations on chainsaws as they relate to Tree Service Workers.

Code of Safe Practices

This course looks at the Code of Safe Practices required for Construction Safety Orders as part of the IIPP

Conducting PPE Hazard Assessments

This course explains the best approach to utilize when conducting a Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessment. Required since 2012, learn how to do this efficiently and with emphasis on Safety.

Confined Spaces

This course covers OSHA regulations regarding non-permit and permit confined spaces, rescues, and more. Title 8, 5157

COVID-19 Prevention Program Training

This course complies with CalOSHA's 2023 COVID-19 Prevention Program training mandate

Crane and Hoist

This course will teach you all about crane and hoists in the shop and on the road.

De-Escalation for Workplace Violence

In today's dynamic work environment, understanding how to de-escalate potentially volatile situations is an essential skill. This course is tailored for professionals in risk management and security, emphasizing the critical need for de-escalation techniques to ensure a safe workplace.

Diversity Training

In this course we will explore Diversity, Culture and Inclusion. The benefits and how to implement diversity in your organization.


Learn how to use ergonomics to make your work more comfortable and efficient. And comply with Title 8, 5110

Face Masks, Neck Gaiters and Face Shields for COVID-19

Understand what really happens when using face masks and shields. Course includes real-time visuals.

Fall Protection In Construction & GISO

Learn essential fall protection practices for construction workers in this comprehensive online course. Discover OSHA regulations, safety harness techniques, anchor point selection, and equipment inspection. Enhance your skills in preventing falls, ensuring worksite safety, and mitigating risks. Join now to safeguard yourself and others in the construction industry.

Fault vs. Responsibility in Safety and Risk

You will learn the fundamentals to staying safe in any situation, under any safety program, and with any tool you need to use.

Fire Extinguishers

Learn how to use a portable fire extinguisher in compliance with OSHA regulations and Title 8, 6151.

Flagging – Temporary Traffic Control

This course covers Flagging operations in Temporary Traffic Control zones as outlined by MUTCD, Flagging Handbook, and OSHA regulations. Covers CalOSHA and Calfiornia flagging operations as well.

Forklift Certification

This course covers Forklift operations and powered industrial truck operations.

Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication covers OSHA and Cal/OSHA regulations regarding the communication of chemical hazards.

Hazard Control Techniques

This course will teach you how to control hazards in all safety and health programs according to CalOSHA. Better yet, we will teach you the expert way to control haards.

Hearing Conservation – Control of Noise

This course all aspects of OSHA's hearing conservation, noise, hearing protection standards outlined in Title 8, Article 105

Heat Illness

This training covers CalOSHA Title 8, Section 3395 Heat Illness Standard and can be utilized for both refresher or initial training.

HIPAA and Student Privacy

Learn about HIPAA and Student Privacy in schools

How to escape an attack while sitting in a chair

In this course, you will learn how to escape from your office chair while seated if you are threatened. Get a leg up on the attacker with this proven technique.

How to inspect a fire extinguisher

This course will teach you how to perform a monthly fire extinguisher inspection

How to inspect your fall protection harness

This course will teach you how to inspect your fall protection harness and lanyard so you don't fall to your death.

How to use a penetrometer

Learn how to use a penetrometer when conducting excavation and trenching operations.

How to use a Tourniquet

This course teaches you how to properly use a tourniquet, set it up for quick deployment and how to stop the bleed.

IIPP – Injury Illness Prevention Plan

As a new employee you need to understand the single most important safety program for your agency. The Injury Illness Prevention Program - The IIPP. Covering California's Title 8, Section 3203 and other State plans.

Inappropriate Behavior in the Workplace

We'll delve into the intricacies of identifying and addressing inappropriate behavior within the organizational context. From understanding the nuances of workplace harassment to creating a culture of respect, this course provides actionable insights that go beyond the basics.

Machine Guarding

Guards are found on all types of machinery. Understanding how to use guards and when you can remove them is vital to your safety.

Mandated Reporter

This course covers the California requirements to report child abuse and child neglect as outlined by CANRA and the Mandated Reporter requirements. It covers investigations, reporting, types of abuse and neglect, liability and failures to report.

Mastering De-Escalation Techniques

In this course you will learn the various types of de-escalation along with techniques to use when confrontations escalate. You will also learn what to do if situations turn violent.

Material Handling

This course covers how to move materials with a variety of tools and save your back.

Meal-Rest-Recovery Break, Timecard Recordkeeping

This course is designed specifically for California employees. It covers the California requirements regarding meal breaks, rest breaks, and Title 8 Section 3395 heat illness cool down and recovery breaks.

Playgrounds – How to supervise a playground

This course shows you how to supervise students on a playground. Learn how to look at a playground strategically. Understand the different pieces of equipment and supervision issues.

Playgrounds – How to Use the Fish Probe

This course will teach you how to use the fish probe during playground inspections.

Playgrounds – How to use the Head Probe

This course will teach you how to use the head probe during playground inspections.

Playgrounds – How to use the Torso Probe

This course will teach you how to use the torso probe during playground inspections.

Playgrounds – Maintenance of Playgrounds

This course describes how to maintain your playground using a combination of high and low-frequency maintenance.

Portable Ladders

This course covers all things portable ladders.

Post Cyber Breach Requirements

Master the crucial steps post-cyber breach with Cyber Breach Led by Steven C. Wilmes, CEO of Wilmes, LLC, gain insights into compliance, reporting, and California's stringent requirements. Be prepared, enroll today!

Post-COVID Activities for K12 Students at School

Need some ideas for school activities? Join Joan and Steve as they explore some great games and activities to keep students moving but also healthy.

Power Tool Safety

This course covers OSHA's standards on the use of power tools.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

This course covers OSHA's regulations on all forms of PPE.

Preventing Tik Tok Challenges

Tik Tok Challenges have taken schools by storm. Learn how to prevent these destructive challenges on your campus.

Protecting your Rangemaster from Lead Exposures

This course will look at innovative ways to protect your Rangemaster from lead exposures.

Respiratory Protection

This course covers respiratory protection, fit testing, seal checks and types of respirators.
CalOSHA Title 8, 5144

Rigging Signaler Certification – Fully Online

In this course, we provide training on rigging, signaling, and signal communications in crane and hoist operations, which is designed to meet certification requirements under OSHA guidelines. Our course provides essential knowledge and skills for safe and efficient crane and hoist operations, crucial for workers in various industries.

Safe Driving

Our safe driving course will teach you all the tips, tricks and mental aspects of getting and staying on the road safely.

Safe Lifting

You can't get enough lift training. This is a perishable skill that leads to a bunch of back injuries. Learn how to protect yourself while you move objects.

SB553 Workplace Violence Prevention

This course isn't just about meeting legal requirements; it's about ensuring a safe and harmonious work environment. Taught by seasoned experts with two decades of real-world experience in risk management and loss control for public agencies, our training goes beyond the basics.

SB906 Homicidal Threat Assessment for Schools

This course covers the new requirements under SB906 Homicidal Threat Assessments for Schools.

School Board Roles and Authorities

This course reviews the roles and responsibilities of school board members. Coving current and trending topics such as COVID and liability issues.

School Valet Training

Learn how to work around automobile traffic and help children into and out of school as a School Valet.

Scissor Lift Certification

Earn your scissor lift certification conveniently through this online course. Master operational techniques, safety protocols, and maintenance guidelines compliant with industry standards. Enhance worksite safety, minimize risks, and boost your employability. Enroll now to confidently operate scissor lifts and contribute to accident-free work environments.

Search And Rescue

This course explores search and rescue techniques in K12 schools. Learn the terminology, how to crib, how to extricate individuals and how to save lives.

Seat Belt Safety

This course looks at OSHA's requirements for seat belts in vehicles, including construction equipment with ROPS.

Setting up a proper change room

This course covers how to set up a change room for street and work clothes to prevent cross-contamination of workers

Setting up a Welding Station

This course will show you how to set up a proper welding station to prevent fire and injury

Sex Trafficking In Schools

Sex Trafficking affects 200,000 students a year. With many social issues affecting the United States right now, we are seeing an increase in sex trafficking in local schools. Learn how to prevent student sex trafficking.

Shop Safety

Our Shop Safety Course covers all the shop safety OSHA regulations in one easy course. Instead of attending 20 courses, you can take this simple course and cover everything you need to know.

Slips and Falls in Schools

A slip, trip and fall video from Wilmes, LLC that will keep your attention and reduce incidents at your organization.

Supervisors Workshop – OSHA, DOT and Employee Evaluations

This course is the Supervisors Workshop presented to Tuolumne JPA. It covers DOT Reasonable Suspicion Evaluations, OSHA's Top 10 Programs and Employee Evaluations

SWOT Analysis for Risk Managers

Dive into SWOT Analysis for Risk Managers! Learn to assess Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in organizational strategies. Master techniques to enhance risk mitigation, capitalize on opportunities, and fortify against threats. Elevate your risk management skills with practical insights in this dynamic course.

The White Flagging Hard Hat

In 2020, DOT required a white hard hat for flagging operations. Learn how to navigate the requirement.

Trenching and Excavation Safety

This course covers construction-related trenching and excavations including the types of shielding, shoring, and benching issues. Complies with CalOSHA Regulations Title 8, Section 1541

Updating the CSSP for Administrators

Empower administrators with our 'CSSP for Administrators' online course. Gain expertise in assessing school crime, child abuse reporting, disaster response, expulsion, and more. Developed by Wilmes, LLC, this comprehensive program covers critical policies like discrimination, dress code, safety protocols, and mental health guidance. Create a secure, nurturing educational environment.

Valley Fever

Explore Valley Fever, the signs, symptoms and even how to prevent it. This course also satisfies California's AB203.

West Coast Netting Heat Illness 2024

West Coast Netting Webinar on Heat Illness for 2024

West Coast Netting New Hire Orientation

Login here if you are an employee of West Coast Netting.

Workplace Violence

Navigate workplace violence confidently with this online course. Discover early signs, conflict resolution tactics, and emergency protocols endorsed by HR experts. Equip yourself to foster a secure work atmosphere, diffuse tense situations, and ensure the well-being of colleagues. Join now to promote a safer workplace for all.